Estate Gardening
For clients who seek exceptional property management services, Structural Gardens’ Estate Gardening care provides horticultural expertise, attention to detail, and hands-on garden management by highly qualified gardeners. A comprehensive approach and careful integration of all management practices ensures the beauty and sustainability of your gardens. 

Simplicity & Peace of Mind
Structural Gardens provides the simplicity of a single point of contact for all landscape management needs. Clients save time and are spared the hassle of coordinating multiple service providers. Prompt responses and a thorough understanding of the nuances of each client’s property are hallmarks of Structural Gardens’ estate gardening service. 

Maximum Beauty & Value
Nurturing each element of your garden to optimal health and beauty will also ensure that the potential financial appreciation of your capital real estate investment is realized. A holistic management view of your property ensures the total cost of ownership is minimized. 

Sustainable Solutions
Structural Gardens’plant health warranty covers all the plants on your property for the life of the client relationship. Environmentally sensitive practices utilize renewable resources and avoid the use of chemicals for a Green lifestyle. 

For the professionalism of an industry leading service provider that caters to your individual needs, call Structural Gardens at (614) 309-3609 to schedule a consultation.

Horticultural consulting, 
site inspection and analysis 

Sustainable water management – irrigation, ponds, water gardens, drainage and filtration 

Lawn mowing, organic 
fertilizer and turf healthcare 

Planting bed cultivation, weeding, mulching and detail 

Pruning, espalier, hedging & ornamental plant management 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & Organic programs 

Consulting Arborist for tree identification, inventory, health assessment & appraisal 

Outdoor lighting, monitoring & management

Seasonal flower color and décor programs 

Party and event preparation services