About Us
Structural Gardens delivers full service, comprehensive garden care and landscape management services for estate properties and private residences. The service offering that our brand leverages includes three distinct features: simplicity and peace of mind; maximum value and beauty; sustainable solutions.

Tim Chiles, Founder
Tim Chiles is the owner of Structural Gardens LLC and the creator of Sustainable Living Environments. Founded in 2007, Structural Gardens offers consulting, design, construction and property management solutions to discerning residential clientele and industry partners. A successful entrepreneur, Tim has over twenty years of green industry experience with a focus in these areas:
  • Landscape and property management including irrigation, drainage, lighting, turf and plant health care
  • Horticulture, arboriculture and agriculture
  • Engineering, architecture and construction 

Combining these experiences with a socio-economic shift to Green lifestyles, the vision Tim has for Sustainable Living Environments is an opportunity to design, install and manage organic landscape and outdoor structural solutions, provide clients a long-term value and a return on their real estate investments, and deliver green industry products from its production operation.

Born in a rural northwest Ohio town, Tim learned work ethic and sustainable agriculture through experience on a family grain and cattle farm. The notion of living as a steward of Mother Nature and environmental responsibility was instilled at a very young age. At the same time, Tim’s grandfather grew up in the first house in the county with electricity—a wind-powered, battery operated home wiring solution. Future adoption by Tim’s grandfather of satellite based technology for the application of fertilizer rounded out an education in life and physical sciences surrounding the family farm lifestyle. With an engineer for a father, Tim developed an inquisitive nature and the insatiable curiosity for how things work. With carpentry for a hobby, Tim’s father taught him how to build houses and how the principles of engineering are utilized in the home and industrial worlds.

Tim graduated with a B.S. in Agriculture from The Ohio State University. With a major in Landscape Horticulture and a minor in Agribusiness, the foundation for a career of problem-solving in the Green industry was established. Professional certification through P.L.A.N.E.T., the Professional Landcare Network, demonstrates Tim’s commitment to professional leadership and knowledge from continuing education. Tim is a Certified Landscape Professional (CLP) and a Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) in Turf and Ornamental Maintenance. Additional certifications through The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association with Master status, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) as a Certified Arborist, and the extension Master Gardener program speak to Tim’s passion for the industry and commitment to professionalism.

Tim’s life experience, education and formal training have prepared him and the company he established for success. Sustainable Living Environments encapsulate a founder’s ideology and the larger issue of form and function. From 2001 through 2007 Tim developed relationships with 60 estate gardening clients in the central Ohio area. With Structural Gardens, Tim seeks to serve clients that share his desire to create and enjoy sustainable outdoor living environments.


Structural Gardens simplifies the process of managing a complex property with a single point of contact for all communications.


Structural Gardens' premium service results in real estate investments that appreciate over time. 


The Green movement and awareness of our environmental impact illustrates the importance of lifestyle decisions. Structural Gardens delivers landscape management systematically with a holistic view and organic programs to limit the use of chemicals and improve the efficiency and sustainability of the outdoor living environment.